Cool Bamboo Products You Didn’t Know About

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We know bamboo fabric is great for clothes and bedsheets ( *  Buy Bamboo Sheets Online), but there are a whole heap of products out there which are using this versatile plant in innovative new ways. Inspired by this funky bamboo tricycle which we saw featured on State of Green last week, we decided to have a dig around and see what we could fine.


Take a look at some of the coolest ones below.

Bamboo Speakers

As well as the ‘green’ advantages of using a sustainable material, these speakers from Panasonic are much lighter than their traditional counterparts, whilst still producing top quality sound. We also love the natural looking finish on the product.


Bamboo Stylus for Ipad

This bamboo stylus from Wacom is one of the hottest bamboo products about right now. With a tip that’s 25% thinner than competitor products, the stylus is accurate enough to be used for sketching and drawing, as well as taking notes. The company has also developed a bamboo paper app to work alongside it.


Bamboo Radio

This Bamboo radio from Lexon is ideal for adding a touch of eco style to your home. As with the speakers featured earlier, the material is strong and light, making the product more durable.


Know any other interesting bamboo products? Tell us about them in the comments below

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