Meatless Monday Recipes: 5 Easy Substitutions for Meat

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This week, instead of one of our Meatless Monday recipes, we’re giving you some ideas to try and make managing without meat a little bit easier.

1) Tofu

Probably the best known meat substitute, tofu is a versatile, delicious and easy alternative to meat. It’s great at absorbing other flavours, so why not try leaving it to soak in a spicy marinade before cooking?

2) Mushrooms

There’s a reason vegetarian options are often focused around this humble vegetable – carnivores who savour one of the larger varieties such as portabello, will be pleasantly surprised by it’s meaty texture and strong flavour. Mushroom burgers are a great, healthy alternative to a hamburger.

3) Cheese

Cheese is rich in protein and there are hundreds of varieties meaning you’ll never get bored of it. A ¬†fresh mozerella or ricotta makes a great centrepiece for a tomato salad

4) Chickpeas

Cheap and filling, chickpeas are a highly nutritious alternative to meat. Hummus is super easy to whip up in a food processor, and makes a great midweek supper

5) Eggs

One of the quickest and easiest dinner options is an omelette, and adding chopped vegetables is a great way to use up leftovers and get some extra nutrition into the kids!

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