Green New Year’s Resolutions

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Last year we asked all of the ettitude team to share their eco friendly new year’s resolutions. This year we have been trying to think of some new ones – this is our list so far. We’d love to hear your suggestions too!

- Get into a recycling routine. Having a set place for all your recycling and a set time for putting it out means that you are much more likely to collect and dispose of it efficiently.

-Get the family involved. Kids can make green resolutions too and it is a great way to encourage enthusiasm for the environment.

- Go meat free for part of the time. Meatless Monday is something we talk about a lot at ettitude but there are lots of other opportunites like replacing meat with tofu/quorn substitutes a couple of times a week or only having meat with evening meals

- Take up an eco friendly hobby. Not only is it fun for you, it mean less time sitting around in front of the tv in the evenings, which uses less power!

- Walk more – or use public transport for longer distances. Great exercise, a good money saver, and kind to the earth too!

- Think about greener holiday options – January is a great time to dream about holidays so why not think about planning some trips closer to home to save on carbon footprint and on cost too!

What are your green new year’s resolutions?

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