Ettitude’s Photo Shoot

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And it’s out!

There’s so much going on here at the ettitude that we have yet the chance to share with anyone! And before we know it, winter was over (for those in the US – summer). Aside from moving to a new office, the busy ettitude bees went and did something (not different, but new for ettitude).

We love bamboo, and to show it our new range of clothing are all made from it! And as Giorgio Armani perfectly surmise our thoughts:

“The best way to make a contribution in fashion is to promote the idea that a fundamental interest in preserving the environment is itself fashionable.”

So, we decided, ok…let’s run a photo shoot and create a look book. Going green does not mean skimping on looking good! The day had arrived and for all it’s worth, Melbourne weather was sunny that day (except for the strong winds), and we all survived our first photo shoot!

Sneak Peak:

Ettitude (20) Ettitude (24) Ettitude (28) Ettitude (33) Ettitude (4)

We have our look book ready for viewing on pinterest, and Facebook. Send us some love, and tweet us @ettitude!

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