Easy eco materials for making Christmas wreaths

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Christmas is coming and it’s time to get decorating! One of the easiest Christmas crafts around is making your own wreath. You can make them as simple or complicated as you like, and best of all they can be a great way to make use of leftover materials. Here are just a few ideas we have come up with below;

1) Scrap coloured paper – this is one of the easiest options. Simply cut into shapes and glue together. Some people like to draw around their kids handprints to make one, as seen here

2) Twigs, leaves and pine cones collected from outside – these make a great natural, eco friendly wreath. Just be sure to use dead items which are already on the ground

3) Fabric – this is great for using up any leftover odds and ends from previous crafts, or you could cut up old bed sheets, clothes and towels instead of throwing them away

4) Old Christmas decorations you don’t use can easily be recycled into a Christmas wreath as well – we found this easy idea on Pinterest

5) We also spotted this simple yet stylish design – so elegant you would hardly think it’s made out of recycled toilet rolls!

What other recycled Christmas craft ideas have you seen?

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