Take Care of Your Bamboo Sheets

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Bamboo is a plant fiber which is transformed in sheets which protect skin thanks to its antibacterial, anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic properties. It also allows skin breath and provides a sense of freshness. Fabric created from bamboo has the feel of silk; it is antimicrobial and odor resistant. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable as well.

Now that you know the amazing characteristics of bamboo sheets, don’t you think it deserves to be treated with care so that you can enjoy these properties for a long time? Thanks to the following tips we are going to give you will be able to make every use be the first one.


It has to be washed from 40° to 60° maximum with a mild detergent in a gentle cycle. In choosing the right detergent for your bamboo sheets, using products which contains no harm chemicals that can ruin the fibers. ettiude eco washing ball is a good choice which is easy to use, environmentally safe and economical. It’s ideal to wash the sheets separately or with similar colors. Do not bleach for it can easily loosen the fabric, instead you can use a baking soda in the washing cycle to gently brighten the fabric.

If you are using a dryer be sure to keep the temperature between 40° and 60°. Moreover you will rapidly see that your bamboo sheet dry fast. But we highly recommend you to line dry them to save energy!

Regarding the ironing you have to remember that it is like silk as the fibbers are tightening during the wash and go back to flexibility while drying which make the bamboo an easy material to iron. And do not steam since bamboo fabric is quite absorbent.

In order to keep your sheet colours even after a lot of wash here is an additional tips: during the first wash just add half of a glass of white vinegar to the washing powder, it will retain the colors of your sheet longer and it works for all strong colors, keeping them vibrant.

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